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From individual components to complete systems, we offer a fully comprehensive service. Our customers have a qualified and competent team of employees at their disposal in all areas. Quality is one of our most important core competences. Other key skills lie in the areas of engineering, production, sales and services.


In the field of engineering, we focus on mechanics, especially on the design of work platforms and handling systems. We rely on precise documentation and a comprehensive risk assessment of systems. At the same time, we offer our expertise in electrical engineering, designing control cabinets and control systems, including software designs. Documentation and risk assessment are also at the centre of our engineering services here.


Our production ranges from the mechanical manufacture of system solutions and drive technology to the electrical production of control cabinets. This holistic approach enables us to offer high-quality, customised solutions. 


Our approach to sales begins with recognising and understanding the specific problems and challenges that our customers face. Our team offers comprehensive advice and develops customised solutions. We support our customers throughout the entire process, from the initial contact to the long-term partnership.


Our services are well thought out and cover all phases of the customer cycle. Starting with sales-supporting measures such as test set-ups and test positions in the pre-sales phase, through the realisation of assembly and commissioning (At), to training and retrofit measures in the after-sales area.

How you benefit from our services:

1. Technical Excellence:

Guarantee for maximum functionality and performance to enable reliable and efficient use.

2. Individual positioning:

Precise positioning for optimum working height to optimise work processes and ensure the safety of your employees. 

3. Ergonomic operation:

Creating an ergonomic working environment for employees to increase productivity and promote well-being in the workplace. 

4. Optimised processes:

Increase the efficiency and productivity of your work processes, resulting in time and cost savings. 

5. Active support and training:

Ongoing support and training from our team of experts to ensure that you can utilise the full potential of our technology, resulting in improved employee expertise. 

6. Comprehensive services:

Our services go far beyond the provision of technology and aim to ensure that you receive the best possible support for the entire life cycle of your work or maintenance platform and facade solutions. 

7. Identification of potential savings:

Support in identifying cost savings through more efficient processes and resource utilisation. 

8. Customised advice:

Individual consultation, calculation and sampling to ensure that your solution is tailored precisely to your requirements, resulting in optimum utilisation. 

9. 24-hour support:

Round-the-clock support ensures rapid assistance in critical situations to minimise downtimes. 

10. Fast spare parts service:

The fast spare parts service within 48 hours minimises interruptions and ensures continuous availability of your equipment. 

Our services at a glance:

Our services are provided by a dedicated team of experts who focus not only on the technical aspects, but also on the individual needs of your business. We strive not only to solve problems, but also to take preventative measures to continuously improve and optimize your operations.

1. Risk assessment: 

We carry out comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential dangers at an early stage and recommend measures to minimise risks. Your benefit: Increased security and compliance with industry-specific regulations. 

2. CE conformity:

Our services include ensuring the CE conformity of your equipment to comply with European standards. Your benefit: Legal conformity and unrestricted access to the European market. 

3. TCO consideration (Total Cost of Ownership):

We offer a comprehensive TCO analysis that takes into account all costs in the life cycle of your equipment. Your benefit: Transparency of total costs, support with budget planning and identification of potential savings

4. Functional descriptions and operating instructions: 

We create detailed functional descriptions and operating instructions to ensure the safe and efficient use of your equipment. Your benefit: Clear instructions for operating personnel and minimised operating risks.

5. Overall documentation: 

Our services include the creation of comprehensive documentation covering all relevant aspects of your equipment. Your benefit: Complete transparency and compliance with regulatory requirements.