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Assembly workstations and handling solutions customized to your needs

Lock drives are increasingly being used for lifting and adjusting tasks in the industrial sector. The reason? Lock drives, gearboxes and gear racks make it easy to mechanically release lifting and adjustment processes. What's more, unlike hydraulic or pneumatic units, Lock drive solutions require virtually no maintenance or servicing. Lock drives are also very economical with energy: Loads at rest require no energy at all, as the self-locking worm gears hold reliably and securely.

Industrial production requires continuous optimisation of processes in order to remain competitive. At Lock, we are aware of this, which is why we have made increasing efficiency in your production our top priority. We understand that, in addition to reducing operating costs and increasing productivity, automation is essential in this context. 

Our solutions offer:

Customised ergonomics for your employees:

The employees are the heart of every production facility. That is why we have focused on providing individually designed assembly workstations and handling solutions that are not only ergonomic, but also tailored to your needs. This increases the health and productivity of your employees. 

Effective process automation:

Automation is the key to reducing operating costs and increasing productivity. Our solutions are designed to support and optimise the automation process in your production. The result is a reliable and efficient production environment that has a positive impact on your operating costs. 

Our applications:

Lifting systems:

With our lifting systems, heavy loads can be moved and lifted effortlessly. This increases productivity and reduces the risk of injury for your employees. At the same time, the quality of your production is improved, as lifting systems ensure precise and even movements. 

Handling solutions:

The precise and efficient handling of products and components in your production line is made possible by the integration of our handling solutions. This increases the accuracy and speed of your production. Errors are minimised, resulting in higher product quality and cost efficiency. 

If you are looking for individually designed assembly workstations and handling solutions, Lock is a reliable partner. Processesin industrial production can be noticeably optimized as a result. Our expertise and commitment to excellence make us the right choice for your company.

 Rely on us to improve your production processes and sustainably reduce your operating costs. Together we will shape a successful future for your production.