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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions about drive technology or for maintenance platforms, work platforms or platforms.

Fundamental Questions

Lock ProSystems offers a wide range of maintenance platforms for rail, air and large vehicles as well as for the industrial sector. For rail vehicles, the portfolio includes side work platforms, multi-story work stands for the assembly, maintenance or finishing of vehicles. For aviation solutions, mainly side work platforms and individual assembly platforms are used. 

In the large vehicle sector, mobile solutions for user-friendly and ergonomic working are in demand. The modular systems also enable individual adaptations to meet the different requirements of the projects. This offers flexibility, even for retrofitting. Each work platform is also characterized by individual access technology, reliable drive technology and a standard-compliant design.

The specialists at Lock use all types of drive technology for their maintenance platform. We know from experience that rack and pinion lifting gear combined as a mechanical or electromechanical solution offers great advantages: low susceptibility to faults, minimal maintenance intensity and high durability. In short, the optimum price-performance ratio.

Regardless of whether it is mounted on castors and freely positionable in the room, as a permanently installed system or as a wall-mounted application. Together with you, we check the technical conditions in advance.

Special requirements due to the place of use or installation of the maintenance platform can be solved individually. Maintenance platforms are available in steel and/or aluminum andare suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Standard Lock technology can be used for speeds of movement of up to 6000 mm/min and for travel of up to six metres. In special applications, an increase in speed and travel is possible.

Commercial Questions

Lock's drive and access technology solutions lead to standardized workflows. Processes become clearly definable. Processes and procedures become more transparent. All this helps to increase your delivery reliability.

Our experts analyse your material flow, then an associated value flow analysis is performed automatically to create the customised solution needed to reduce error rates and to increase efficiency. This achieves a reduction in the error rate of your assembly and work-related operations of up to 40%

By inspecting the installation site for the system and the associated analysis of the production process as well as with an appropriate risk analysis, our experts ensure compliance with ergonomic workflows.

Lock solutions reduce assembly times and increase efficiency through ergonomic operations, short walking distances and materials within easy reach.

The control unit integrated in each electric actuator contains either analog or digital position feedback and is absolute if required, i.e. in the event of a power failure, the control unit remembers the position. Even changes in position during the power failure are recorded by the control unit. Consequential damage, including total failure, is thus avoided in advance.

All materials needed are ready to hand, resulting in optimum assembly and maintenance times, combined with ergonomic working methods. In this way, your maintenance platform is integrated into your value-added process right from the start, helping to reduce costs and also to increase productivity. 

A modular lock technology impresses with its simple installation and uncomplicated commissioning. Low-maintenance and robust, it ensures trouble-free operation for years.

The correct design and project planning for the respective application ensures a long service life. The required service life is determined individually for each project, taking economic aspects into account.


We guarantee the right application in accordance with the regulations by providing a wide range of additional services. We test the system in accordance with current regulations before delivery and, on request, prepare the necessary documents in addition to the maintenance instructions. We also organize any necessary tests by a notified body. If required, we can carry out the necessary regular maintenance on your maintenance platform. In addition, our Lock Service is available to you by telephone around the clock.

Health & safety at work (HSW) is a top priority for Lock with its maintenance platforms: adapted travel speeds, emergency stop switches, barriers or cordoning off of danger zones with fences, sensor solutions or guards assure this. With the risk analysis prepared by Lock for this purpose, the documentation and the description of all necessary safety aspects for your plant, occupational safety is fully guaranteed. This also makes your plant a building block in your safety concept.

The risk analysis consists of these parts: identification of hazards, assessment of hazards, measures to minimise hazards. Then preventive action is taken to avoid harm to life and limb.

Repair and Service

We provide you with comprehensive support during the commissioning of your maintenance platform. And afterwards, we at Lock provide the right level of service to assure the long-lasting and trouble-free operation of your equipment. Our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lock’s in-house service staff conducts fast and professional repair of your system.

We provide you with documentation (risk assessment, CE conformity, TCO analysis, functional description, operating instructions, overall documentation), manufacturing and assembly (pre-assembly, pre-installation, type testing, component assembly) engineering and mechanics, (circuit diagram creation, software programming, performance level calculation, 3D design, calculations and design, as well as simulation).

Many of the parts needed for your maintenance platform are kept as stock items in our central warehouse, so we can deliver urgently needed spare parts within 48 hours. 

Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the durability and safety of each of these units. Maintenance is based on the relevant operating manual and maintenance instructions. Maintenance is conducted by Lock Service or by the customer, based on visual inspections and checklists. 

By documenting your system accordingly, we ensure compliance with the standards and directives, such as the Machinery Directive MRL 2006/42/EC, mobile elevating work platforms DIN EN 280, DIN EN 1570 lifting tables, DIN ISO 12100 for risk assessment, DIN EN 60204, electrical equipment, EC/EMC Directive 2014/30/EU

In principle, every maintenance platform needs to be documented in accordance with the Machinery Directive. This includes the functional description, control sequences, assembly and operating instructions and calculations. Our team of experts prepares all of this and provides it to you.