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Drive technology and work platforms for the efficient and safe maintenance of large vehicles

Tailor-made solutions for the efficient and safe maintenance and assembly of large vehicles -At Lock, we understand that the maintenance of large vehicles is often a complex undertaking that requires individual drive and access technology solutions.

Our focus is on the efficient and safe execution of maintenance and assembly processes.

What we offer:

Mobile design for maximum versatility:

Our solutions are mobile and universally deployable, allowing you to move your equipment easily from one location to another with a self-sufficient power supply if required.

Ergonomic access technology:

We prioritise health and working comfort, which is why our solutions are designed to significantly reduce the physical strain on your staff. This is made possible by the provision of ergonomic access technology to the workplace. 

Fast commissioning thanks to Plug & Play:

Our solutions can be installed and commissioned in next to no time. We offer plug & play solutions to save time and resources. 

Custom-fit railing systems:

The railing systems are installed on large vehicles to provide safe working platforms and their drive technology for maintenance and repair work. They allow technicians safe access to various parts of the vehicle, especially to higher areas.

User friendliness:

Our solutions are developed in such a way that no additional qualifications are required from operating personnel.

Our offer:

Resilient for heavy loads:

Our solutions are extremely robust and can withstand even heavy loads, making your maintenance work more efficient and productive. 

Drive and access technology solution for stationary or mobile versions:

Depending on the needs of your project, you can choose between stationary or mobile solutions that can be easily customised to suit the circumstances. 

Lifting height more than 4 metres:

Our solutions are able to achieve a lifting height of more than 4 metres, so that even areas that are difficult to access are no obstacle. 

Power supply options:

Depending on the specific requirements of your project, you have the choice between power supply or self-sufficient power supply. 

Individual access options:

To ensure that you can reach every workstation without any problems, our solutions offer you customised access options such as lifts and drag ladders.  

Customised adaptations in line with safety regulations:

We understand that every project is unique. We therefore offer customised adaptations that comply with the applicable safety regulations to ensure that our solutions are a perfect fit for your requirements. 

Lock is your reliable partner for efficient and safe solutions for the maintenance of large vehicles. 
With our extensive experience and total commitment, we ensure that your projects are carried out successfully and without compromise.


Mobile maintenance platforms with height adjustment in vehicle construction - HYMER CARAVAN

The aim was to increase efficiency in the assembly of mobile homes by optimizing work processes with the help of a height-adjustable maintenance platform.

And this in the tightest of spaces. The on-site analysis by the Lock experts led to the choice of a manual height adjustment with Lock rack and pinion winches, which,  mechanically coupled, enabling the correct working height depending on the type of vehicle. The integrated access via a flight of stairs ensures a space-saving design. In addition to the significant improvement in ergonomics, the application ensures a reduction in the error rate and, ultimately, an increase in efficiency of around 15%.  

Mobile work platform with drive technology for maintenance platforms - OVB

The height-adjustable maintenance platform of OffenbacherVerkehrsbetriebe(OVB) is used to carry out maintenance work on the pantographs of electric buses.

Once the platform has been positioned, people and materials can be transported electrically to a height of up to 3.9 metres. The roof of the bus can then be accessed via the push units and the fold-out cage railing in order to carry out maintenance work there.