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Excellent solutions for mobile maintenance and assembly platforms in aviation

Excellent solutions for mobile maintenance and assembly platforms in aviation -your safety, efficiency and precision are our priority. At Lock, we understand that the construction and maintenance of aircraft require special attention, particularly with regard tosafety, verification and process stability. Right from the design stage of the drive system or assembly platform, we attach great importance to ensuring that they meet the individual requirements at every stage of the process.

Lock products are characterised by their quality, reliability and innovation and contribute to increasing efficiency and improving occupational safety. Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise, we can offer our customers first-class solutions for their specific requirements.

What we offer:

Modular systems:

We offer you the flexibility you need to make individual adjustmentsand to be able to react to changing requirements. This ensures that your equipment is always up to date and can be seamlessly integrated into different aircraft models. In the event of maintenance work or repairs, modular systems allow problems to be diagnosed and rectified more quickly. Technicians can easily replace defective modules, reducing downtime and improving overall maintenance efficiency.

Precisely fitting gap bridging:

Our innovative solutions for bridging gaps with the aid of flaps and extensions enable you to work safely. These gap-bridging systems are specially designed for aircraft and ensure efficient operation without compromising the safety of employees.

Customised railing systems:

Safety is the top priority in aviation. That's why our dynamic guardrail systems are designed for maximum occupational safety and meet the aviation industry's strictest safety standards. When designing guardrail systems for assembly work on aircraft, the different types of aircraft are taken into account. While guardrail systems for aircraft with a large wingspan provide a wide working platform and additional support points for even weight distribution, guardrail systems for helicopters are designed to allow workers to work safely around the rotors. For this reason, special safety devices or sensor technology are integrated and sufficient distance from the rotor blades is taken into account.

Our product range includes:

Side working platforms for maintenance work:

These offer you the ideal solution for maintenance and repair work and safety inspections, particularly on the outside of aircraft. Our solutions allow technicians to access various parts of the aircraft, including engines, wings, flaps and fuselage parts.

Painting work, the application of lettering or the assembly of components such as engines or avionics systems can also be carried out with ease. As additional equipment or components often have to be installed with high precision when modifying or upgrading an aircraft, drive technology for side work platforms is also used here.

Customised work platforms for assembly work:

These are used to provide technicians and maintenance personnel with safe access to various areas of an aircraft. They also make maintenance, inspection, repair and installation work much easier.

Lock is a reliable partner for safe and efficient drive technology for maintenance and assembly activities in the aviation industry. Your goals are our commitment. We do everything we can to ensure that your project is a success.
Rely on our experience and dedication to achieve top performance.