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5. Overall documentation:  Our services include the creation of comprehensive documentation covering all relevant aspects of your equipment. Your benefit: Complete transparency and compliance  
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4. Functional descriptions and operating instructions:  We create detailed functional descriptions and operating instructions to ensure the safe and efficient use of your equipment. Your bene  
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3. TCO consideration (Total Cost of Ownership): We offer a comprehensive TCO analysis that takes into account all costs in the life cycle of your equipment. Your benefit: Transparency of total cos  
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2. CE conformity: Our services include ensuring the CE conformity of your equipment to comply with European standards. Your benefit: Legal conformity and unrestricted access to the European market  
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1. Risk assessment:  We carry out comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential dangers at an early stage and recommend measures to minimise risks. Your benefit: Increased security and  
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47 Services - 10. Fast spare parts service:  
10. Fast spare parts service: The fast spare parts service within 48 hours minimises interruptions and ensures continuous availability of your equipment.   
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50 Services - 9. 24-hour support:  
9. 24-hour support: Round-the-clock support ensures rapid assistance in critical situations to minimise downtimes.   
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